As the overall sense of aesthetics grows in Taiwan, the island has shown its strength in design to the world. Shortly after Taipei was named the World Design Capital of 2016, numerous other design accolades are expected to flood the city. One of the most reputable awards that recognizes design excellence is the iF Design Award by iF International Forum Design GmbH. This year, OMNI, the trendiest club in Taiwan, received the prestigious iF Design Award for interior design in the Hotel/Spa/Restaurant/Bar category, making it the first nightclub in Asia to receive such an honor, and further solidifying Taiwan on the map of the international design scene.

The iF Design Award was founded in 1954 by International Forum Design in Hannover and has since been held annually to recognize design excellence around the world. It receives more than 2,000 applications every year, featuring dozens of world-renowned designers and entrepreneurs as judges. Over the past 60 years, the iF Design Award, along with the Red Dot Award, IDEA, and G-Mark, has become a universal symbol for excellence in design and quality. With the iF Design Award being one of the world’s most celebrated and valued design awards, the significance of OMNI’s achievement cannot be overstated.

In addition to the iF Design Award, OMNI has also won the I-Ding International Design Award, JingTang Prize, CIDA Award, and the China Good Design Award. It is truly exciting and inspiring for the Taiwanese to achieve such honors in the international design industry.

“The goal of OMNI is to provide the ultimate all-encompassing experience, providing a platform for all kinds of creativities,” explained David Hsia, the managing director of theLOOP, the parent company of OMNI. “Caturing crazy ideas and turning them into real-life experiences is what we do at OMNI on a daily basis. TheLOOP team has collaborated with world-leading event production companies for over a decade, and accumulated invaluable experience in visuals, lighting, special effects, and music, perfectly balancing all these elements to provide the best experience for our clientele.”

OMNI introduced a brand new system to Taiwan that was previously unheard of. To find an equilibrium between design and execution, constant communication between the interior design, lighting, audio, and visual teams is critical. Hsia mentioned that OMNI’s panoramic LED screen is a unique feature. To calculate the perfect curvature, hundreds of hours are needed to fine-tune the most appropriate angle, spacing, and construction methods. To achieve this, theLOOP collaborated with Etai, a well-known space design office led by world renowned designer Sean Chang, along with award-winning lighting designer Hsiao-Cheng Kuo. With the cooperation between these giants, OMNI was successfully presented to the people in Taiwan.

The first impression of OMNI is one of shock and awe, along with an experience of the sensational. The curved panoramic LED wall is the focal point of the venue. Hsia also points out that, in addition to updates to the equipment, the zero-distortion of a realistic visual effect, the so-called “pixel-perfect”, is the most crucial. The goal is to present the perfect live entertainment experience. He stressed that this is not just a distinguishing feature of OMNI, it also sets a new standard for the nightlife industry in Asia.

The inspiration for OMNI comes from it’s name, which means “all-encompassing”, using point, line, and surface to integrate a concept of the universe. OMNI emphasizes three central ideas: “encompassment”, “ultimate”, and “meaningful.” Through these three elements, the most innovative city nightlife landscape is formed. Starting from Taipei, OMNI has sculpted the pioneering nightlife culture, penetrated the highest level of quality services expected by social elites, hunted for cosmopolitan forward thinkers, and demonstrated the strong potential of Taiwan’s design strength. Under such sensual temptation, while preserving the quality of the culture, OMNI has become the iconic destination for the city’s nightlife. OMNI not only brought honor to the international design industry and a new meaning to the word, “MIT” (Made In Taiwan), but also set a new standard for the nightlife entertainment industry in Asia.

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